The HVR 4000, 4500 and 5000 are heavy-duty offset disc harrows for high acreage farming and contracting roles, where a road-legal transport width is required. Incorporating an ingenious mechanism to fold to under 3mtrs using existing on-board hydraulic functions. With a machine weight exceeding 1 ton/mtr of working width, the HVR can penetrate the hardest of soil conditions, and the high weight per blade shines in cutting through high-trash situations.

Heavy Duty Discing

  • ‘Triple Beam’ mainframe design, with oversized lateral support bracing, ensures optimum frame rigidity and strength in key areas when working in hill country 
  • High tensile 150x200x10mm chassis construction (European quality hot rolled tubular section) 
  • 500/70-17 wide flotation tyres for high stability on-road also gives a better footprint when working in wet conditions 
  • On-board hydraulic valve system (12-volt control from tractor) granting full hydraulic functions with minimal no. of tractor remotes
  • Hydraulic operation of all functions including cut angle control (for tuning of finish) fore/aft balance control, drawbar angular offset, and wheels (includes depth stop valve on wheel cylinder)
  • Triple sealed taper roller gang bearings, extra axle security with castle locknuts, removable furrow filler assembly


ModelHVR 4000HVR 4500HVR 5000
Working width4.0m4.5m5.0m
Transport width2.5m2.5m2.5m
Blade size660mm/26”660mm/26”660mm/26”
Blade spacing235mm/9”235mm/9”235mm/9”
Hydraulic cut adjustYes (independent front/rear)Yes (independent front/rear)Yes (independent front/rear)



Spend less time greasing

4AG Titan discs feature an oil-filled bearing housing with the worlds’ best ‘Caterpillar’ style DURACONE Seal.  This means simply changing the oil in each bearing unit twice a year, and no more daily greasing of the gangs!


Industry-leading ‘Triple Beam’ frame design, and over- engineering in the high-stress areas of the machine, are noticeable features of this model. The simplicity of the folding mechanism gives the highest specification/value combination on the market, when compared to vertical folding machines.





No more greasing disc bearings

NZ’s #1 selling 3.0mtr offset disc just got better!

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What’s so good about Hardox® anyway?

Popular with manufacturers of truck tipping bodies, Hardox is prized for its abrasion and impact resistance and its structural properties.

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