What’s so good about Hardox® anyway?

The heavy-duty Hardox® constructed bin can handle heavy loads of rock or dirt – it won’t let you down!

Hardox® is a world-renowned abrasion-resistant steel plate from SSAB Steel Sweden. Popular with manufacturers of truck tipping bodies it is prized for its abrasion and impact resistance (3 x that of normal high tensile steel) and its structural properties give excellent strength and weldability.

High strength, yet with a lower tare weight, sounds like the ideal stuff to build a trailer for harsh kiwi conditions?

That’s what we thought too! With operators looking for greater return on investment on every piece of gear nowadays, some of those off-season metal cartage, tree-line clearing, stopbank boulders, and civil earthmoving jobs have an appeal to today’s ag contractor.

The problem in the past they’ve tackled these jobs with a silage trailer, that to be fair was never designed or built for this kind of work!

Contractors running the Titan HTP 540 know they’ll handle the 25-30ton payloads of the tough work year in, year out, safely knowing the bin construction, wheel size, and the suspension is built for the task. Throw the silage bin on, to quickly convert to a 34m3 compact and stable harvest trailer.

This machine hardly breaks a sweat when laden with grass or maize! The Titan has the highest level of trailer components you can get from front to back.


See the HTP 800 at work

HTP 800 Hardox Silage Trailers

The Titan HTP Trailers give you the best of both worlds, in one of the most compact footprints around!
If you’re looking for something that you can use for silage, metal, dirt, rock, boulders, stumps (you name it) and you want to get 20yrs of service out of it, look no further than Europe’s finest!