The heavy design of the CombiStrip strip till unit from Italy, boasts a number of unique features that will benefit NZ contractors and cropping farmers. This design will penetrate and cultivate all soil types and is comfortable in high levels of trash and turf.

Easily mix crop residue into your soil

  • 6.00mtr working width (8 row – 30” row spacing)
  • 50mtr transport width (hyd. fold with safety check valves)
  • Parallelogram mounting of each row unit (maximum travel and contouring)
  • Aggressive double row cleaners ahead of main cutting disc
  • Large diameter main cutting disc for slicing residue and opening row, with dual scrapers
  • High down pressure of each row unit with 3 penetration settings (300kg, 340kg, 380kg)
  • Ripping anchor, replaceable cast steel point


Working width6.0 m
Transport width2.5 m
Weight3380 kg


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