Sometimes it feels as if though there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. Don’t worry we know how you feel!

Spring would have to be one of the busiest times of the year for farmers and ag contractors, so much happens at the same time!  As the days get longer and warmer, the nagging feeling of getting crops in the ground gets stronger.

They say ‘timing is everything’.  For sheep & beef farmers putting in summer crops this spring, that combination of the right soil moisture and temperature can often be a limited window of opportunity.

With the mixed bag of weather spring typically dishes out, sometimes you have to move quickly to get the ground worked up and crops sown, just one or two weeks can make a big difference to a crop getting away well, and have a big effect on available feed in a dry summer.

Hundreds of farmers nationwide rely on 4AG’s range of offset discs for working everything from native pasture to winter crop stubble.  It means you can get cracking when you need to, instead of waiting for contractors when everyone else in the district is chasing the same guy!

Once you have ground prepped, it’s hard to look past the sheer daily throughput of the Titan 6300 ‘Profi’ Roller Drill.  The heaviest machine, with the largest hopper, means you can drill faster and for more hectares each day, and slowly win the battle with the clock!

The high weight of the Titan gives the best consolidation and seed-to-soil contact for your grass and brassica crops even if you have to drill at 12-14km/h to get through the work!  The massive 800ltr seed hopper, plus room for another 8 bags on the platform, means you can head off in the morning with up to 20ha worth of grass seed on board!  

Last season a North Island contractor told us of one of his bigger days with his Titan 6300.  With an early start under his belt, he drilled 90ha of kale before the sun went down!

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