We’re all about challenging convention and find a better way to get your job done. Higher horsepower and advancement in machinery technology means farmers and contractors are finding efficiencies that seemed impossible a few short years ago. Share below our updates for some of these ‘wins’.

Are your crops going in on time?

For many farmers, getting the combination of the right soil moisture and temperature can often be a limited window of opportunity - don't miss out on it!

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Upgrade your trailer with market leading versatility

The Titan HTP 540 gives you the best of both worlds, in one of the most compact footprints around!

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What’s so good about Hardox® anyway?

Popular with manufacturers of truck tipping bodies it is prized for its abrasion and impact resistance and its structural properties.

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Finding the sweet spot!

Striking the perfect balance is key to success; finding a disc harrow light enough to get up the slopes yet strong enough to dig into the soil.

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