Transform your cultivation

Dave McCabe, who runs a contracting business in North Otago, says one advantage of his 3.0mtr 4AG Supergrubber is it’s a lot simpler implement to operate than a large reversible plough.

“To drive a modern 6 or 7 furrow reversible, you need a skilled operator.  We can put any driver on the Supergrubber, and get the job done quickly and simply, with a similar hourly throughput”.

“We run the Supergrubber on a 220Hp Valtra, which handles it with ease.  Our conditions range from heavy tar soils near Oamaru, right through to more friable and stony ground in as far as Omarama.”

“We use the machine a lot after heavily pugged winter crop ground, and find it excellent at getting deep enough to remove the layer of compaction caused by large numbers of animals.  It lifts the soil profile and helps to dry the ground out quicker, and the spiked rollers do a good job of smashing any bigger clumps and leaving a firm level finish”.

“We have noticed an increase in crop yields such as fodder beet where we have used the Supergrubber for ground preparation and put this down to better root development due to the soil being effectively loosened down to 450mm”

The NG – Supergrubber can transform your cultivation too!