Market leading specs for effective, efficient drilling

Looking to get your crops in faster? Years of input from NZ contractors has shaped this roller drill to be everything you need and more which has made it a market leader in the seed drill market.

See below the ten reasons why the TITAN 6300 Roller Drill is the No.1 choice;

#1. SafeDeck® – loading platform/seed storage

#2. TitanLoc® – Re-tension ring tightness at any time

#3. DuraFlex® – Zero-maintenance bearings housed in rubber

#4. OptiFloa – Hydraulic weight transfer for even strike across full width

#5. 16 seed hoses direct from hopper (no Y-pieces) perfect seed cover

#6. SuperStrike® – chain covering harrow, best seed cover and soil contact

#7. 800ltr hopper – Big capacity (330kg grass seed = 13 hectares!)

#8. Oversize transport wheels (wide footprint, full width axle)

#9. DuraForge® ductile steel rings – Unbreakable material

#10. 5250kg – heaviest built machine to consolidate and strike


Learn more about the CVH Roller Seed Drill on our product page or give our team a call on 0800 424 100