Super Grubber NG400-9

The NG400-9 is superb for the larger operations needing deep-working and high daily throughput.

Workrates of up to 3.8ha/hr are possible with a 280–360Hp tractor. Hydraulic folding to 2.6m for transport means you have the benefit of efficient working in the field, and safe, legal transport on the road. It is the ultimate tool for winter crop ground and removing compaction after heavy harvest machinery. Faster than ploughing, while removing pan, plus top-working all in one pass!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Achieve multiple jobs in one pass - deep tillage, mixing, level, consolidate very cost-effective preparation for sowing
  • Loosening to depth improves soil structure, allows soil to breathe, and speeds development of microorganisms. Noticeable improvement in yields and crop results with this method
  • Unique leg shape reduces horse-power, and ensures full disturbance and mixing of soil profile
  • Traction bolt leg protection


Model NG 400/9
Working width 4.0m
Transport width 2.6m
Working depth 15–55cm
Weight 4040kg
Hydraulic depth adjust Yes
Trip protection Traction bolt
Hp range* 280-360Hp

*Depends on soil conditions

"The Supergrubber lets us open up badly pugged winter crop ground earlier, to start the drying process. We wouldn't get near the ground with another implement. They are also very good for steep ground, where it wouldn't be safe to drag the discs around. The progressive angle of the legs, means they don't take too much to pull, and we can really get across the ground with them."