Guttler Simplex

The Simplex front-mounted press systems from specialist German manufacturer Guttler, have a unique ring shape and action, leaving a stable, weatherproof surface for drilling regardless of extreme wet or dry soil conditions.

Fine particles are placed underneath with larger loose particles on top. It’s the perfect seed-bed combination for fast, vigorous germination and protection from wind and water erosion. Increase drilling performance and speed, with the extra consolidation and preparation.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 2.5m – 6.10m working widths, available in Simplex (single roller) or Duplex (double roller) for light to heavy soil types
  • Special cast steel ring material, shock resistant, and very reliable in stony ground. 450mm and 560mm diameter
  • Options of tyne or levelling board system, for increased productivity
  • Hydraulic folding to 3.0m transport width
  • Improve traction and fuel efficiency with front mounting for optimum balance during groundwork


Model Simplex SX
Simplex SX
420/56 H
Simplex SX
610/56 H
Working width 3.0m 4.1m 6.15m
Transport width 3.0m 2.7m 2.7m
Ring diameter 560mm 560mm 560mm
Weight (press only) 990kg 1400kg 2050kg
Weight (c/w front tyne system) 1210kg 2090kg 3050kg
Hp range* 120–180Hp 160–220Hp 220–300Hp

*Depends on soil conditions

"We milk 2600 cows in both North and South Islands, plus grow maize and various crops on 600 hectares of lease ground. We are constantly developing new ground to bring into production and the 4AG 970's are excellent for chopping up old, heavily thatched pasture and contouring rougher areas. Daily throughput is important to our size operation. so we're pretty happy to be averaging 3-4 hectares/hour!"