The heaviest tandem discs with the shortest possible operating length, the XT series is purpose-built for breaking in hill country. The rugged frame and penetration of 142kg weight-per-blade make them ideal for rushes and heavy thatch. Full drawbar float, hydraulic gang adjust, and compact 2.5m transport width round out the complete package.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Very high weight-per-blade, combined with a very short operating length – serious bite for even the toughest conditions
  • 3.4m – 4.55m widths, folding to 2.5 m width, for safe road transport
  • Massive 150x100x10mm RHS frame, constructed of European high-grade steel for optimum strength and weight
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Model 3000/28 3000/32
Working width 3.4m 3.85m
Transport width 2.5m 2.5m
Blade size 660mm/26″ 660mm/26″
Blade spacing 230mm/9″ 230mm/9″
Weight 3950kg 4300kg
Hydraulic cut
Yes(Front/Rear Independent) Yes(Front/Rear Independent)
Hp range* 180-260Hp 200-280Hp

*Depends on soil conditions

"We work a lot of steep virgin country that has never been cultivated. Plenty of rushes, timber etc. What we need is maximum penetration and bite, yet a weight we can still pull around the steep stuff with 200Hp. The lobe blades we run are perfect for this, they really bite in due to their shape, and track better when on steep sidelings. They take less power to pull, and seem to last for years."