The Atlas is a high-speed disc cultivator designed for deeper cultivation of large amounts of crop residue and where a faster alternative to the plough is required.

The robust frame and large 620mm discs mounted at aggressive ploughing angle enable the Atlas to cultivate heavy soils with huge quantities of organic matter.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 620mm discs mounted at 17 degree ploughing angle for maximum incorporation of stubble
  • Individual non-stop legs provide protection of discs in stones, and ensures even working depth, 200kg trip pressure per leg and zero maintenance
  • 4m –12m working widths to suit the largest operation, 180-600Hp
  • Large front support wheels and rear axle suspension (AO model) ensure machine stability at high-working speed


Model AO 4000 AO 4500 AO 5000 AO 6000 AM 10000 AM 12000
Working width 4.0m 4.5m 5.0m 6.0m 10.0m 12.0m
Transport width 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m
Blade size 620mm 620mm 620mm 620mm 620mm 620mm
Working depth 6–18cm 6–18cm 6–18cm 6–18cm 6–18cm 6–18cm
Weight 5400kg 5700kg 6150kg 6800kg 15500kg 17000kg
Hp range* 140–180Hp 150–200Hp 160–220Hp 200–260Hp 380–450Hp 480–550Hp

*Depends on soil conditions

"We milk 2600 cows in both North and South Islands, plus grow maize and various crops on 600 hectares of lease ground. We are constantly developing new ground to bring into production and the 4AG 970's are excellent for chopping up old, heavily thatched pasture and contouring rougher areas. Daily throughput is important to our size operation. so we're pretty happy to be averaging 3-4 hectares/hour!"