Forges De Niaux Disc Blades

The ongoing running costs of tillage machinery is an increasing factor considered by today’s farmers and contractors. The large geographical variety of NZ’s soil types and terrain with often abrasive and rocky conditions, caused us to track down the best quality ground engaging steel in the world. In our search for the best, one name kept on surfacing, as the recognized leader in the shaping and heat treatment of the highest grade of boron steel. Forges De Niaux, from France. The world’s first company to manufacture blades from boron steel, they recently became the only manufacturer to successfully produce blades to a hardness of 200kg/mm².

Key Features & Benefits

  • Blade sizes in stock from 610mm - 810mm diameter
  • Scalloped, Plain, and Lobe shape.
  • Up to 40% increase in hectares worked compared with other brands (Niaux 200 blade)
  • Original equipment supplier to major brands such as Horsch, Lemken, John Deere, Kuhn, Gregoire , Besson, Kverneland and Simba


Size 610mm/24” 610mm/24” LOBE 660mm/26” 660mm/26″ LOBE 710mm/28″ 710mm/28″ LOBE 710mm/28″ 760mm/30″
Blade thickness 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 8mm
Scalloped & plain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Std axle centre (dual punched) 30/31 Sq 40/41 Sq 40/41 Sq 40/41 Sq 41/46 Sq/R 40/41 Sq 40/41 Sq (To suit Case IH) 41/46 Sq/R
Concavity Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Raised flat centre Standard
Weight per blade 13.9kg 14.2kg 16.6kg 15.8kg 24.0kg 21.5kg 25.8kg 29.0kg

"We work a lot of steep virgin country that has never been cultivated. Plenty of rushes, timber etc. What we need is maximum penetration and bite, yet a weight we can still pull around the steep stuff with 200Hp. The lobe blades we run are perfect for this, they really bite in due to their shape, and track better when on steep sidelings. They take less power to pull, and seem to last for years."