The Titan HTP 540 gives you the best of both worlds, in one of the most compact footprints around!

Massive 26.5″ rubber means this baby is easier to pull than trailers with smaller rubber, and the steering axle means even loaded up with 25ton of metal it still cares for your paddocks! If you’re looking for something that you can use for silage, metal, dirt, rock, boulders, stumps (you name it) and you want to get 20yrs of service out of it, look no further than Europe’s finest!

Hydraulic drawbar suspension, LED lights, up & over door, tapered body design, it’s packed with the highest level of spec. you can find on an Ag trailer. Bin constructed from the legendary Hardox 450 plate, means this machine handles all your metal and dirt cartage needs during the off-season. See the Titan HTP 540 at work on our Youtube channel.


Having sold a number of the 25 ton Titan dump truck style Hardox trailers into civil contractors, quarries and farm roles, the HTP series is a larger capacity trailer with a DIN volume of 12.8m3 and is a flat floor design.


This series is the new benchmark in multi-function tractor-trailer, with a level of specification that exceeds all others.  Like the original Titan trailer, it boasts full bin construction from 6mm Hardox® 450 plates, meaning years of rock, aggregate and construction rubble are handled with ease.  The flat floor and tapered body design, with a 58-degree tipping angle, mean clay and dirt are tipped without sticking.


With the largest wheels, widest chassis, and combination of hydraulic drawbar suspension and parabolic axle suspension, this trailer can safely cart payloads of up to 30 tons behind high HP tractors.  The massive rolling circumference of the 650/55R26.5 wheels makes for easier towing of heavy loads or in damp, challenging ground conditions.


With tractors getting bigger, and clients wanting to carry larger and heavier payloads, 4AG got involved in the design of this trailer right at its concept.  Product Development manager Hamish Raikes, says “most European trailers are quite narrow due to having to fit them within the width of shipping containers.  We managed to get the width of this machine out to 2.6mtrs which makes for an increase in payload volume while keeping the overall dimensions quite compact.”  With the DIN volume reaching an impressive 12.8m3 we had to ensure the trailer was specced with the heaviest suspension, running gear, tyres and drawbar suspension to handle the huge weights of up to 30 ton when filled with heavy aggregate or sand.


The silage bin simply bolts on top of the Hardox body, and has a full height ‘up and over’ door, as well as a fold-down front section for opening up fields behind the forager.


Customers who have bought these trailers say they are one of the smoothest trailers they have towed, and their stability and ride quality is superb.  The large rolling circumference of the 650/55R26.5 wheels, and the hydraulic drawbar suspension with adjustable dampening combine to give the operator an enjoyable driving experience, despite the heavy capacity.  The larger wheels make for easier towing and better fuel efficiencies.

We always knew the demands of the civil construction role would ask the most of these trailers, but with more and more ag contractors doing track maintenance work in the winter, we wanted the trailer to be versatile to enable use as months of the year as possible.  This is why we got the European factory to design a silage bin as well to give 33.5m3 capacity for grass or maize silage cartage.

Fully optioned with LED lights, rear flashers, hydraulic parking stand, access ladder, these trailers meet the needs of the most professional operators.  Options include rear steering axle, and K80 ball coupling if required.  Whether hauling hundreds of tons of dirt, rock or metal, or grass or maize silage, the Titan HTP trailer incorporates the best of our NZ Design DNA, and is engineered for the long haul!

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Titan HTP 540

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