Deep Tillage


By | August 29, 2016

Over the last fifteen years Selwyn Garton has used subsoilers on his land and borrowed a number of different rippers but he’s over the moon now he’s purchased his own ripper, a 4AG NG 300-7 Supergrubber. Selwyn Garton grows 140 hectares of maize...Read more


By | August 11, 2016

Alister Donald runs a 220ha lamb trading/finishing operation in the Hilton area of South Canterbury, 10mins from Geraldine. ‘Tranquil Downs’ trades 4-5000 lambs plus cattle through the winter months to take advantage of supply price...Read more

Flying the 4AG Flag

By | July 29, 2015

Fieldays are a firm fixture on the 4AG calendar. Every year we move multiple large machines to the fieldays, one in the South Island and one in the North, for the events. Our machines are not light or easy to pack up; the logistics behind taking a...Read more

Brownrigg Agriculture – compaction destroyed

By | February 3, 2014

Brownrigg Agriculture is a large-scale intensive farming operation, based at Poukawa, south of Hastings in Hawkes Bay.  Along with the large acreage of squash grown and exported themselves, and a variety of other crops,  they grow 1000 hectares...Read more

Grasslandz 2014 – a roaring success

By | January 31, 2014

30th-31st January saw 4AG exhibit at one of the major machinery demonstration events, Grasslandz 2014.  This two-day event held every three years in the heart of Waikato, differs from other exhibitions in New Zealand, in that it is the only one...Read more

Supergrubber simpler than ploughing

By | August 10, 2013

Dave McCabe, who runs a contracting business in North Otago, says one advantage of his 3.0mtr 4AG Supergrubber is it’s a lot simpler implement to operate than a large reversible plough.  “To drive a modern 6 or 7 furrow reversible, you...Read more

"We milk 2600 cows in both North and South Islands, plus grow maize and various crops on 600 hectares of lease ground. We are constantly developing new ground to bring into production and the 4AG 970's are excellent for chopping up old, heavily thatched pasture and contouring rougher areas. Daily throughput is important to our size operation. so we're pretty happy to be averaging 3-4 hectares/hour!"