It’s very easy to think all speed discs are created equal. After all, most brands look similar, have similar blades, and do a pretty good job don’t they…?

See below 10 reasons why the Bednar Swifterdisc beats every other machine hands down, proven over the past 8 years and almost 100,000 hectares of NZ’s toughest country. 

1.Hydraulic drawbar ram in float position allows travel up and down and machine to follow terrain in rolling/steeper country.  This ‘floating’ ability in undulating contour removes any stress from the machine drawbar and chassis, and ‘absorbs’ any surface unevenness at high working speeds

2. Front support wheels at front of machine work in conjunction with floating drawbar ram, to give ‘bounce free’ working at speeds of 12-18km/h.  The wheels mounted closely in front of first row of discs, mean they accurately guide the machine over and through changes in paddock contour and maintain constant and even working depth.  The wheels combine with the rear rollers to provide a solid, stable ‘5-point’ platform for the discs to work within. 

3. Twin disc mounting of blades:  With one leg per pair of blades, this gives twice the ‘free flow’ clearance for residue to flow through the machine (large amounts of straw, maize grain residue etc.).  All other machines have one leg per blade which restricts flow and clearance especially in damp conditions, or high volume of trash. 

4. Centrally positioned transport wheels keeps weight in centre, giving better centre of balance for fastest working speed.  Rear mounted wheels on other machines create a ‘Pendulum’ effect with weight up high and so far back, this magnifies any bouncing effect in work.  Central wheels give better turning in transport position (tighter arc) and allows for shorter headland

5. Aggressive ‘Soil Razor’ fluted blades give higher performance over conventional ‘scallop’ blades.  The rippled shape gives more soil movement, and chops and processes maize stalk, straw, and grass swards better.

6. Increased gap between rear row of discs and rollers gives more room for residue to settle, preventing any build up and blocking of rollers in high trash volumes.  A huge help also in damp conditions.

7. Twin disc legs give twice the length and support for the clamping box dura-torque rubber mounting to frame.  380mm clamp length is over twice as long as other ‘single disc’ legs, extending life of the rubber elements, and keeping a rigid ‘angle of attack’ to the blades for thousands of hectares.

8. Triple roller layout gives more stability at high speeds than single row, as well as eliminating the ‘gap’ between two 50/50 rollers.  Hydraulic depth control is linked to front support wheels, so any change in working depth automatically adjusts these at the same time.

9. Clever structural design, twin lift rams per side wing, uses a combination of girder and triangulation, plus ‘fine grained thermo-mechanically treated plate’.  This gives strength in all the ‘high stress’ areas.  Chassis design and ‘contouring’ ability has proven itself in some of the South Island’s stoniest areas.

10.Integrated factory option of seeder including platform and access steps.  Distribute grass, small seeds, catch crops in front of rear roller.  Tidy, professional option to increase efficiencies.

Want to learn more about the Swifterdisc and how it can bring efficiencies to your operations? 

Give our product team a call on 0800 424 100 to learn more or see the full breakdown of specs as well as our images bank and videos at XO-F Swifterdisc or XE Swifterdisc